Robbie can fly!

I started using Holman’s dotfiles, a techy way of keeping your preferences in one place.  It’s been a lot of fun for me.  One thing that I learned is that Holman made a gem for creating animated gifs from images or with a movie.  So, I created an animated gif of Robbie’s new talent that I thought I’d share!

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Luke’s second surgery

Luke has had numerous follow up appointments for the hand surgery he had back in September.  During one of his follow up appointments in November Dr. Sanderson told us that Luke’s thumb was healing in a bent position and that we needed to get him a brace.  We tried to get him into the hand clinic at Shriner’s Hospital in Salt Lake but they only do it once a month and his appointments kept getting pushed back.

Dr. Sanderson put us in touch with an occupational therapist who could make a brace for Luke here in Provo, it was such a blessing to get the brace quickly and closer to home.  Luke wore the brace while sleeping until February when Dr. Sanderson informed us that the brace had not released his scar tissue enough and Luke’s thumb would require another surgery to make it fully functional.  This is not the news we wanted to hear but we resolved to make the best out of it.  We wanted to get the surgery done as quickly as possible and scheduled it for March, two weeks after I was scheduled for surgery to remove one of my salivary glands.  About a week before his surgery Luke got RSV and he could not have the surgery and could not even be put under using anesthesia for 6 weeks.  We rescheduled his surgery and he finally had surgery May 6th. Read More


This post could also be known as the “I can’t believe Mandi is actually posting on her blog” post but Winter just seemed easier! We have had a wonderful winter here in the Wilson house, we’ve had good times and crazy times, so this post is about all of the things that happened this winter. Read More

Luke’s surgery

Luke was born with Polydactyly, which according to Wikipedia is a “congenital physical anomaly in humans having supernumerary fingers or toes.”  Basically, Luke was born with two thumbs on his right hand.  In most cases where people have polydactyly, there are no bones in the extra digit, and so the extra digit is tied off, there is a small scar and that is it.  In Luke’s case he had bones in both thumbs. So instead of being able to just tie one off, he had to have his right thumb completely reconstructed.  Our hand surgeon, Dr. Sanderson, said that it would be best for Luke to have the surgery between 3 and 4 months old.  This would allow him to be old enough to handle the anesthesia but would make it so that he would learn to use his reconstructed thumb just like it had always been that way instead of having to relearn everything.

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Father Christmas

So first I still need to do two major posts, the post about Luke’s surgery and a post about Disneyland but it’s the holidays and my birthday was yesterday so everything is just so busy, once Christmas is over I will do those two major posts and one about Christmas.

Until then…I wanted to post about Robbie and Luke meeting Santa Claus.  Robbie loved Santa this year!  He sat on his lap and told him what he wanted for Christmas, Iron Man, Cars and Handy Manny toys.  Santa asked him about his cast and he talked to him and everything, this is a HUGE improvement over the last two years in which we had to hold him the whole time.  Luke also loved Santa, and if you know Luke you know he loves everyone.  Santa asked Robbie what Luke wanted for Christmas and Robbie told him books, it was pretty funny.  Robbie can’t wait for Santa to come this year and we can’t wait to see his face when he does!

Robbie’s “broken” arm

While we were in Disneyland (post coming soon!) Robbie fell off of the bed and hurt his arm.  After Robbie stopped crying we figured he was fine and since he was on his way to bed we went to bed and during the night Robbie kept waking up crying about his elbow.  The next morning his elbow was swollen and he kept complaining about it, so on our way to Legoland we thought we would just stop at an urgent care to see what they had to say about it.  When we got into the urgent care they told us that children’s elbows are so complicated that they couldn’t help us and we needed to see a specialist at the children’s hospital.

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Luke is 6 months old!

Luke is 6 months old this month and has gotten to be so big!  He can now do lots of things like eat new foods, roll over all over the place, jump in his jumper, put everything in his mouth, squeal really really loud, and play with his brother!  He is such a fun and happy baby and we love him so much.

Luke is 5 months old!

Luke turned 5 months old in November!  He has started doing many new things!  He can roll over if he feels like it.  Try to make him do it and forget it.  He can sit up for very short periods of time, but he is getting better!

And he started rice cereal, which now 2 weeks later he has all the sudden developed a dislike for and you have to force him to eat it.  You can see he liked it at first so I don’t know what happened.  Even mixing in fruit doesn’t seem to work.  Who knows?  That is just Luke I guess.

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